Country Name Country (2) Code Country (3) Code Published Id
Nepal   (Nepal) [States] NP NPL 149
Netherlands   (Netherlands) [States] NL NLD 150
Netherlands Antilles   [States] AN ANT 151
New Caledonia   (New Caledonia) [States] NC NCL 152
New Zealand   (New Zealand) [States] NZ NZL 153
Nicaragua   (Nicaragua) [States] NI NIC 154
Niger   (Niger) [States] NE NER 155
Nigeria   (Nigeria) [States] NG NGA 156
Niue   (Niue) [States] NU NIU 157
Norfolk Island   (Norfolk Island) [States] NF NFK 158
Northern Mariana Islands   (Northern Mariana Islands) [States] MP MNP 159
Norway   (Norway) [States] NO NOR 160
Oman   (Oman) [States] OM OMN 161
Pakistan   (Pakistan) [States] PK PAK 162
Palau   (Palau) [States] PW PLW 163
Palestinian Territory, occupied   (Palestinian Territory, Occupied) [States] PS PSE 248
Panama   (Panama) [States] PA PAN 164
Papua New Guinea   (Papua New Guinea) [States] PG PNG 165
Paraguay   (Paraguay) [States] PY PRY 166
Peru   (Peru) [States] PE PER 167
Philippines   (Philippines) [States] PH PHL 168
Pitcairn   (Pitcairn) [States] PN PCN 169
Poland   (Poland) [States] PL POL 170
Portugal   (Portugal) [States] PT PRT 171
Puerto Rico   (Puerto Rico) [States] PR PRI 172
Qatar   (Qatar) [States] QA QAT 173
Reunion   (Réunion) [States] RE REU 174
Romania   [States] RO ROM 175
Russian Federation   (Russian Federation) [States] RU RUS 176
Rwanda   (Rwanda) [States] RW RWA 177
Saint Kitts and Nevis   (Saint Kitts and Nevis) [States] KN KNA 178
Saint Lucia   (Saint Lucia) [States] LC LCA 179
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) [States] VC VCT 180
Samoa   (Samoa) [States] WS WSM 181
San Marino   (San Marino) [States] SM SMR 182
Sao Tome and Principe   (Sao Tome And Principe) [States] ST STP 183
Saudi Arabia   (Saudi Arabia) [States] SA SAU 184
Senegal   (Senegal) [States] SN SEN 185
Serbia   (Serbia) [States] RS SRB 245
Seychelles   (Seychelles) [States] SC SYC 186
Sierra Leone   (Sierra Leone) [States] SL SLE 187
Singapore   (Singapore) [States] SG SGP 188
Sint Maarten (French Antilles)   (Saint Martin (French part)) [States] MF MAF 246
Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles)   (Sint Maarten (Dutch part)) [States] SX SXM 247
Slovakia   (Slovakia) [States] SK SVK 189
Slovenia   (Slovenia) [States] SI SVN 190
Solomon Islands   (Solomon Islands) [States] SB SLB 191
Somalia   (Somalia) [States] SO SOM 192
South Africa   (South Africa) [States] ZA ZAF 193
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands   (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) [States] GS SGS 194